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30 July - "What More Can be Said?"

"What More Can be Said?", Romans 8:28-39, Pastor Karl Ziegler

23 July - "We Beseech You"

"We Beseech You", Psalm 86:11-15, Pastor Josh Mork

16 July - "Trees Applauding"

"Trees Applauding", Isaiah 55:12-13, Pastor Karl Ziegler

9 July - "A Gracious Invitation"

"A Gracious Invitation", Matthew 11:25-30, Pastor Karl Ziegler

2 July - "The Offense of the Gospel"

"The Offense of the Gospel", Matthew 10:34-42, Pastor Josh Mork

25 June - "My Hiding Place"

"My Hiding Place", Psalm 91:1, Pastor Karl Ziegler

18 June - "Pray for Laborers"

"Pray for Laborers", Matthew 9:35-10:8, Pastor Josh Mork