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20 June - "When God Does Not Make Sense"

"When God Does Not Make Sense", Pastor Karl Ziegler

13 June - "The Nicene Creed"

"The Nicene Creed", Pastor Josh Mork

6 June - "The Fateful Bite"

"The Fateful Bite", Genesis 3:8-15, Pastor Josh Mork

30 May - "Holy, Holy, Holy"

"Holy, Holy, Holy", Isaiah 6:1-8, Pastor Karl Ziegler

23 May - "Dark Before the Dawn"

"Dark Before the Dawn", Acts 2:1-21, Pastor Josh Mork

16 May - "Father, Keep Them"

"Father, Keep Them", John 17:11-19, Pastor Karl Ziegler

9 May - "What Is the Love of God?"

"What Is the Love of God?", 1 John 5:1-8, Pastor Josh Mork