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24 Dec - "A Silent Night"

"A Silent Night?", Pastor Josh Mork

18 Dec - "A Sign"

"A Sign" Isaiah 7:1-2, 10-17, Pastor Josh Mork

11 Dec - "Navigation for Dummies"

"Navigation for Dummies" Isaiah 35:1-10, Pasto Josh Mork

4 Dec - "What Will It Be Like?"

"What Will It Be Like?" Isaiah 11:1-10, Pastor Karl Ziegler

27 Nov - "The Day Is At Hand"

"The Day Is At Hand" Romans 13:11-14, Pastor Josh Mork

20 Nov - "A Desperate Prayer"

"A Desperate Prayer" Luke 23:27-43, Pastor Karl Ziegler

13 Nov - "Pray for Us"

"Pray for Us" Thessalonians 3:1-5, Pastor Josh Mork