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8 May - "Sheltered by the Lamb"

"Sheltered by the Lamb" Psalm 23, Pastor Karl Ziegler

1 May - "153"

"153" John 21:1-14, Pastor Josh Mork

24 April - "In the Light of the Resurrection"

"In the Light of the Resurrection" John 20:19-23, Pastor Karl Ziegler

17 April - "Whom Are You Seeking?"

"Whom Are You Seeking?" John 20:1-18, Pastor Josh Mork

10 April - "Go The Way of Jesus

"Go the Way of Jesus" Philippians 2:5-11, Pastor Karl Ziegler


3 April - "Press On"

"I Press On", Philippians 3:8-14, Pastor Karl Ziegler

27Mar - "The Liturgy of the Faithful"

"The Liturgy of the Faithful", Isaiah 12:1-6, Pastor Josh Mork