Ministry Changes during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our world has found itself abruptly changed during this tumultuous time. As we are no longer able to physically meet on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, regular ministry activities have been suspended until further notice. Our ability to physically gather together around God’s Word may be impeded, but opportunities to continue to connect both to each other and our Mighty Fortress abound. 

Confirmation instruction for 6th – 8th grade students will continue on Wednesday nights using the video-based learning platform TedEd. Each lesson will feature a video and discussion questions. These lessons will be posted on the church website below. In addition, families are encouraged to complete the Home Huddles together as usual. 


Online Confirmation Lessons:


March 25 - Worry

April 1 - Communion

April 15 - Confessing My Faith 

April 22 - Confirming My Convictions



Home Huddle Sheets 

(click on the lessons below to download a copy)

Home Huddle is meant to be an opportunity for families to talk about the faith together. Scripture and multiple research studies affirm that parents and grandparents are the #1 faith role models in a child’s life. We know life is busy, but we still encourage families to take time to grow in faith together. Complete/talk through the ‘Faith 5’ (Share, Read, Talk, Pray, Bless) in each Home Huddle as a family. Then sign and return the page at the beginning of next class.

  Apostles' Creed  Luther and Small Catechism Lutheran Life
  1. God the Creator 1. Luther Movie Part 1 1. Lutheran Worship: Gathering
  2. God the Provider 2. Luther Movie Part 2 2. Lutheran Worship: The Word
  3. God the Preserver  3. Ten Commandments Overview 3. Lutheran Worship: Meal and Sending
  4. Jesus the Savior 4. Lord's Prayer Overview 4. Sacraments Introduction
  5. Jesus the Redeemer 5. Luther: A Legacy 5. Baptism: One Lord, Faith
  6. Jesus the Lord 6. Claiming My Calling 6. Baptism: Newness of Life
  7. The Holy Spirit 7. Priesthood of Believers 7. Communion: Passover to Last Supper
  8. The Church and Saints  8. Office of Keys 8. Communion: Taste and See
  9. Forgiveness of Sins   9. Confessing My Faith
  10. Resurrection and Eternal Life    10. Confirming My Convictions


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Class Calendar

Confirmation Handbook

Memory Work Guide 

Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Completion Form (due April 1, 2020)

8th Grade Faith Sponsor Overview


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