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Latest Worship Folder for Download:
Sunday Worship, 11 January, 8am & 10:30am: "New Creation"

Fireside Chat, 6 January 2021, "Blessed 2021"
Sunday Worship, 3 January 2021, "Young Wisdom"
Sunday Worship, 27 December 2020, "Time Filled Up"

Christmas Day Service, 25 December 2020, "Jesus: The Son of Mary"

Christmas Eve Service, 24 December 2020, "Jesus: Son of Joseph"
Sunday Worship, 20 December, "Faithful"

Fireside Chat, 16 December, "Fireside Merry Christmas"
Sunday Worship, 13 December, "Advent Benediction"
Fireside Chat, 9 December, "God Came Near"
Sunday Worship, 6 December, "What Shall I Cry?"
Fireside Chat, 4 December, "On Mask Mandates"

Sunday Worship, 29 November:  "Thanksgiving Leftovers"

Thanksgiving Eve, 25 November, "Thanksgiving -- NOT"
Fireside Chat, 18 November, "Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving"
Sunday Worship, 22 November, "Last Service"
Fireside Chat, 18 November, "Hope"
Sunday Worship Service, 15 November, "Encouraged"
Fireside Chat, 13 November, "Back by Popular Demand"
SundayWorship Service for 8 November 2020, "Framed Grief"
Sunday Worship Service for 1 November 2020, "Blessed Are You"
Sunday Worship Service for 25 October 2020, "Gospel With Skin On"
Sunday Worship Service for 18 October 2020, "Be An Example"
Sunday Worship Service for 11 October 2020, "Yea Though"
Sunday Worship Service for 4 October 2020, "Press On"

Sunday Worship Service for 27 September 2020, "Who Do You Think You Are?"
Sunday Worship Service for 20 September 2020, "What Shall I Fear?"
Mid-Week Message for 16 September 2020, "News Reel"

Sunday Worship for 13 September 2020, "Practical Theology Pt.2"

Mid-Week Message for 9 September 2020, "On Drying Well"
Sunday Worship for 6 September 2020, "Practical Theology Pt. 1"

Sunday Worship for 30 August 2020, "Making Profit"
Mid-Week Message for 26 August 2020, "Some Thoughts About Masks...and Us"
Sunday Worship for 23 August 2020, "A Life of Doxology"
Mid-Week Message for 19 August 2020, "Open for Business"